Leopold Wave (formerly Votre Arme) is an innovative, multi-disciplinary production studio founded in 2012 by Auckland based creatives Ella Becroft & Ilai Amar.

Leopold Wave was formed with the intention of creating fresh, cross-disciplinary work with a positive social impact. We are dedicated to working with people and organisations who strive to make a difference.

With backgrounds in film, theatre and design, we are interested in the crossroads of the creative industries. We have many strings to our bow - and we love seeing which ones we can plait together to make a story sing.

We continue to venture into new territory and collaborate with diverse industries and communities. We find the stories of real people at the heart of the organisations, communities and companies we work with.

We have experience working in the creative sphere producing and directing our own documentaries, short films and music videos. We also work with organisations to produce video, design and digital material.

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