Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sweet


Bitter Sweet follows Mixit, an Auckland-based refugee youth arts project, as they reimagine Shakespeare’s Romeo and  Juliet. As the performance takes shape, the young cast explore what love, loss, journey and home mean to them.

A cast of 23 young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds devise an original retelling of Shakespeare’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet, moulding the story into a wholly new shape that reflects their own unique experiences and understanding of the world.

Romeo and Juliet are Samir and Rashana, a Muslim and a Christian, and their journey spans from a home destroyed to a new and foreign place. Love is defined as not only between a boy and girl, but also for a home left behind, and for the people who were lost along the way.

Bitter Sweet celebrates the young people’s voices as they remember the past and look forward into the future. The Shakespearean inspiration for the show is the ideal context for revelations on feelings of conflict, love, loss and home within the young people themselves.

Video currently in submission for international film festivals – trailer coming soon.

Film by
Votre Arme
The Fledgling Trust

Directed & Edited by
Ella Becroft & Ilai Amir

Executive Producer
Tom Hern

DOP – Portraits
Tim Flower

Riki Gooch

Production Design – Portraits
Mike Becroft

Additional Editing
Ken Sparks

Sound Mixing
Tom Dennison