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Theatrical Trailers

Theatrical Trailers


Silo Theatre is one of New Zealand’s leading producers of new contemporary theatre. Silo Theatre aims to challenge, excite and engage audiences by delivering the very best storytelling from around the world and Aotearoa, New Zealand.

We have created two theatrical trailers for Silo Theatre – reframing the script, themes and design of the theatre productions into short dramatic films as promotion for the shows on social media and in arts spaces.


Amy Herzog’s drama/thriller Belleville explores the failing marriage of a young American couple living in Paris, a relationship based on secrets and ending in tragedy.

We focused on the character’s internal landscapes and drew on key imagery from the script to hint at story – a bathroom, blood in water, smoke, a smashed glass.

The trailer was used for promotion on social media, and was also screened in Q Theatre.

Director – Ella Becroft & Ilai Amir
DOP – Alan Waddingham
Editor – Ilai Amir

Speaking in Tongues

For Andrew Bovell’s thriller Speaking in Tongue we focused on landscape as a reflection of the emotional states of the characters.

While alluding to the thriller genre, and the plotline of a missing woman, we drew directly from images and landscapes in the script – using visual echoes to align wild exterior landscapes with domestic spaces to create a sense of story and unease.

The trailer was used for promotion on social media, and was screened in the Aotea Centre and the Herald Theatre.

Director – Ella Becroft
Camera – Ilai Amir, Phil Bostwick
Editor – Ilai Amir